About the ROP

“Rebuild Our Parish” Committee 

The “Rebuild Our Parish” (ROP) committee was established from a core of skilled volunteers to address immediate needs and opportunities. It is a temporary committee charged with examining, and making recommendations for improving, all aspects of Parish functioning. The short-term functions have focused on establishing structures that will enable broader efforts. Those efforts are complementary to those of Parish Council, and are intended to ensure long-term capability and strength for SFA infrastructure.

Committee Tasks


- Establish a centralized communication “hub” system that can interface with existing systems and can be expanded as the Parish infrastructure changes and grows.

Mass Experience

- Ensure a meaningful experience for the breadth of the Parish

Committee Optimization

- Assess Parish needs and establish a committee structure, and member capabilities, to meet those needs.


- Identify the Parish “personality”, building on strengths


- Assess needs and explore options for meeting current and future needs.


- Build capabilities to support Parish and community engagement

Committee Values and Culture

Be curious, not judgmental. - Walt Whitman

  • We will be open-minded and seeking of answers and input. We will not enter a decision or discussion assuming that we have the “right” or only answer.
  • We will seek to learn from the past by understanding decisions and situations.
  • We will seek to learn the present needs and desires of the Parish.
  • We will build processes and policies accordingly.


  • Our service is for the advancement of the Parish and the Catholic Church, not ourselves.


  • We will be inclusive of people, ideas, opinions, and observations


  • We will endeavor to respond to input and questions among the committee and the parish, recognizing the impossibility (in the near term) of responding individually to everything.


  • We will work to provide the means and mechanisms for necessary interactions and exchanges.


  • We believe that significant change is needed and will think and act accordingly, when required


  • We will be respectful of each other, of members of other committees, and the collective efforts of current and past committees and administrators.

“Assumption of Good Intent”

  • We will assume that all people involved have, and had, good intent for the future of SFA and those working on its reform and maintenance.

Empirical and analytical

  • We will endeavor, at reasonable cost, to
  • work from data and not opinion
  • ensure information is suitably assessed and analyzed


  • We will endeavor to think, deliberate, and communicate in a refined manner, using outlets/forums that are amenable to thoughtful, inclusive, and respectful communication.

Open and Communicative

  • We will endeavor, at reasonable cost, to provide relevant information to the Parish.