“Give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of right judgement and courage,the spirit of knowledge and reverence.

Fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe in your presence. We ask this through Christ Jesus our Lord” (The Rites of the Catholic Church #25).

Confirmation is about becoming a fully initiated Catholic, empowered to live a holy life, in the service of the Gospel and God’s people. For persons on the journey of faith Confirmation is not the end of Christian formation, but rather the beginning of living the Christian life fully. Confirmation candidates, therefore, are expected to enter a formal process of catechesis in which they identify and renew the faith they hold and believe. In addition to formal catechesis, Candidates also are expected to be fully involved in the life and worship of a parish faith community where they are welcomed, encouraged, and challenged to deepen their commitment to Christ and Gospel living. As a public recognition of Christ’s command to care for the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40), candidates are expected to engage in the parish’s outreach ministries of service and care for the poor.

The celebration of Confirmation is typically celebrated in the 7th and 8th grade, every other year. Formal instruction in the faith is recommended. Students participate in the preparation provided for by the Religious Education Staff. For questions, please contact Jo Ann Jones at 502-456-6394 ext 140 or email by clicking here.