As baptized persons in the Catholic Christian community, the following warrants membership in St. Francis of Assisi Catholic parish.

  • The Individuals must be duly registered and placed on the parish roles (name, address, phone number and other personal statistics as to themselves and all family members living in their household). Ordinarily, pre-teen and teenagers including college students are members of the parish as dependents under their parent’s registration, until they establish themselves as individuals at a different permanent residence. At that time, they are expected to register in the parish as a separate household to be considered a parish member in their own right.

  • Since the parish is a worshipping community, centering its life around sacraments and weekly liturgy, it is expected that members of the parish participate fully in attendance, worship and faith development.

  • As gifted members of the Christian community, it is incumbent upon all members to contribute to the general support and welfare of the community. This can be done by:

            a. Extending their TIME and TALENTS through participation in various forms of ministry and community activities.

            b. Participation in the TITHING PROGRAM through the regular use of Church support envelopes.

 The above expectations are the same in any given Church or community for full membership. As we live our Christian life, we do it mindful of our place and responsibilities to ourselves and those around us.

 We would love to have you as a member. If interested or if you have additional questions please call the Rectory at 502-456-6394 to schedule a visit or click here to email your request.  You can also click here to print a copy of the New Member Registration form in preparation for your meeting. Welcome to the Catholic Community of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church!