Simple Stewardship of Time and Talent

 We invite you or your family to pick a project, pick a time and day to do it, then do it together!

It’s the simple stewardship of rebuilding our parish—one little project at a time, 

getting our kids and youth involved, rebuilding a sense of a ‘common’ community

 working together for a better tomorrow—beautifying our church/school and grounds,

improving our ‘front’ door ‘image’ to the Highlands Community.

SFA Work Crew—getting things done!

We’re excited & encouraged by the ‘simple stewardship’ responses of parishioners ‘rolling up their sleeves’ and taking care

of our SFA Church & grounds! As we ‘rebuild my church’ (the call of our patron, St. Francis),

we all can do a ‘little something’ in the process. Our SFA ‘work crew’ has several projects for fixing & sprucing up, but we need to know

where our parishioners’ gifts & talents can be applied, respecting their time & availability.

If someone wants to set their own schedule, we’d need to coordinate that and get them access to tools or the grounds for their project. 

So, if you’re interested email one of us click here to email Glen or click here to email Lou

and let us know what you’re good at or what you could best tackle.

If you want to call or text, my phone number is Lou Lindsey (963-6726).

If you’re too busy or have health issues that prevent you from participating, we’d appreciate a donation by check or whatever way you can

for supplies & materials, we’d like to hear from you then, too.

Many parishioners have helped with different donations (thank you so much!).  Funds will go where you want it! 

An example...recently a parishioner donated money for pachysandra ground cover to plant under the trees

in front of church where grass can’t grow & roots are exposed.

We need ‘green thumb’ volunteers to fill in with dirt & ground cover. We’d like to do it in the next several weeks! 

Thanks for your consideration & passion for these projects and our parish!!

Regards, Lou Lindsey and Glen Mudd 


Let’s all ‘dig in’!

Click here to request more information or 

call the parish office at 456-6394.


Thank you for taking the time to consider what you can do—as God’s ‘good steward’!



Church cleaning


Mulching around the grounds

Little paint jobs

Grounds cleaning

Minor repairs

Answer office phones/answering office doors

Organizing rectory meeting spaces

RCIA sponsors, hospitality ministers, dismissal leaders

Assisting parents at Baptismal Ceremonies at the liturgies the last weekend of the month

Stuffing envelopes

Repair/Replace Preschool Deck/Stairs

Replacing Missalettes in the Church Pews

Cleaning school classrooms

Shelving and processing library

Painting learning consultant’s office