Open Call for Special Service on the

“Rebuild My Church Community” committee

The “Rebuild My Church Community” committee was established from a core of skilled volunteers to address immediate needs and opportunities. It is a temporary committee charged with examining, and making recommendations for improving, all aspects of Parish functioning. The first round of the RmCC meetings was intentionally small and worked solely to establish for the committee a clear purpose, a values/culture structure, and to identify specific needs in terms of expertise and perspective. The committee is now making an open call for additional members to provide specific expertise and experience.

Nominate yourself or Nominate others!!! 


Sometimes people don’t realize how good they are at something and they need a push!

[Nominations are welcome for those currently serving on other committees]

Skills / Experience sought:

- Administration

(Business, Education, Elected offices are especially sought, but any are welcome)

- Business

- Professional training

- Political campaigns

- Elected position

- Building construction / maintenance

- Investment strategies

- Database management / data analysis

- Legal

- Fundraising strategies

- Estate / Endowment management

- Real Estate / Property development

- Sociology / Psychology / Survey design

- Organization

- Large-Project management

- Communications Training

Service may be:

1) Regular service on the main committee

2) Intermittent service as an advisor or on a subcommittee

3) Ad-hoc Community representation – providing input to the committee to ensure broad Parish perspectives are present


At the end of the nomination period, the current RmCC Committee and Father Joe Graffis will:

1) assess the suitability of the nominees for the stated needs

2) meet with some nominees

3) issue invitations to serve and recruit further if necessary

 The Call will take nominations until October 5.


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